Body Corporate Managers for BrisBay Pty Ltd

//Body Corporate Managers for BrisBay Pty Ltd

Body Corporate Managers for BrisBay Pty Ltd

BrisBay Pty Ltd assists with body corporate establishment and offers management services. Their services are centered about the values of timeliness, attention to detail, and giving their clients value for money. They are committed in looking after their client’s interest without commissions or kickback, and they do not foster interdependence between tradespeople and their firm.

Their services cater for residential and commercial properties…

Body Corporate Establishment Services include:

  •  Compilation of draft Administrative Fund budget
  • Supply of specimen bylaws (if required)
  • Preparation of Statutory Body Corporate Records
  • Organisation, attendance and minuting of First Extraordinary General Meeting and First Annual General Meeting

Management Services include:

  • Bank and account for levy contributions
  • Bank and account for any other fees payable to the body corporate
  • Issue Levy Notices
  • Pay accounts and outgoings in accordance with committee instructions
  • Act as Secretary and Treasurer of the body corporate
  • Prepare Financial Statements in accordance with the requirements of the Act
  • Prepare draft Administrative Fund budgets for consideration by the body corporate
  • Effect Insurance cover in accordance with committee instructions
  • Maintain the Roll and other statutory records
  • Organise, attend and minute Meetings

The BrisBay Team is centred around Cheryl O’Neill and Ashley O’Neill.

Cheryl has a wide range of experience in the industry – the outcome? She is a highly efficient and effective administrator. She previously was part of the Brisbane branch of Barclays Bank working as a Settlements Officer. She first entered body corporate management in 1990, and after gaining experience as a search agent, became a senior staff member.

Ashley O’Neill used to work as a managing director for a building company. This work experience resulted in a vast knowledge in Construction and Workplace Health and Safety Issues. He also worked as a district field manager for a major lending institution for many years prior to forming his own company.

JMac Property Services contract to BrisBay as Body Corporate Managers for small unit blocks in South East Queensland.

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