Why We Use Fresh Water for Cleaning Your Bin

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Why We Use Fresh Water for Cleaning Your Bin

When choosing a bin cleaner, an important consideration is the type of water they use for cleaning you bin. Many bin cleaning companies use recycled or reclaimed water for practical purposes… but did you know reused water can actually pose a health risk to you, your family or work colleagues?

This is why we only use fresh water for our bin cleaning, high pressure cleaning, and equipment cleaning jobs.

Let’s take a closer look at the difference between fresh water and recycled water to explain further:

Recycled Water

Recycled water is dirty water that undergoes a process of chemical treatment so that it can be used again for different purposes. This includes watering gardens, car washing, household cleaning, toilet flushing, and yes, with some companies – bin cleaning.

Water recycling offers reasonable financial savings, which is why a number of cleaning service companies take advantage of reusing water to lessen their expenditure. While that may sound practical and easy on their pocket, this practice can actually cost you, your business, the environment, and the community in general.

Since recycled water is heavily treated with chemicals, it is not in any way safe to drink, nor be in contact with it (or the residue from it). The chemicals used to kill the bacteria in this ‘rubbish water’ are harsh they can damage bins and other equipment where the reclaimed water is used. Additionally, this type of water and associated chemicals may cause potential health problems to people who are exposed to it. This includes the bin cleaners and the people who handle the bins after cleaning.

Another concern is, if this recycled water has not been treated correctly… you could actually have your bin further contaminated as it is doused with bacteria ridden water! And on that subject – the most common-sense question that one needs to consider is: How can someone claim to have cleaned your bin when they’ve used dirty water?

Fresh Water or Clean Water

At JMac we only use fresh water. It is pure, clean and germ free. It is free of harsh chemicals and is safe enough to drink and to use for cleaning.

Using fresh water to clean your bins helps reduce the risk of contamination, and because JMac Property Services supplies steaming hot clean water – the risks are even further reduced!

The clean water also keeps our equipment safe and free of contaminants that may harbor health threats to the JMac staff when handling it. Like any responsible company, we care about our team members and their health. Safety as well as great service have always been priorities at JMac.

Choosing a bin cleaning company that uses clean water, free of harsh chemicals will ensure that you are safeguarding your work or home environment – and the people that spend a large part of their lives in it.

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