Safe Method for Storing Rubbish

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The Department of Health developed guidelines for the correct and safest method of storing, collecting and disposing of rubbish. This isn't 'red tape' or another rule you have to follow - it is essential information as rubbish bins can be a genuine threat to your, your family and co-worker's health. And as much as we at [...]

Cockroaches in Your Bin

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As the warmer months head their way and visions of sunny beaches and the comfort of air conditioners come to mind... consider also the rise of the warm-loving creepy crawly - the cockroach. If you've ever had the pleasure of having cockroaches living in your home (and let's face it: the majority of people residing in [...]

The History of the Wheelie Bin

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They say you shouldn't reinvent the wheel, but no one said you couldn’t add them to things to make them better! Take the modern plastic 'Wheelie Bin' for example. It’s a bin. With wheels attached to it. Simple enough, right? Yet this innovative garbage disposal tool has a long and proud history that may surprise you. [...]

Bin Cleaning with Hot Water

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Hot water is here! When your bin is being cleaned, we all understand the importance of hygiene. And what better ingredient to ensure a thorough clean than hot water? Bins, in particular, can be a haven for germs and in some cases, parasites - causing very serious diseases. These diseases include salmonella, staphyloccal food poisoning, hepatitis [...]

Storing Your Rubbish Bin

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Storing Your Rubbish Bin   Here's July's Bin Cleaning Tip - Storing Your Rubbish Bin   Store your rubbish bin in an area that is:     clear from trees and shrubbery. Trees overhanging or closely surrounding your rubbish bin make it difficult to move the bin. Limbs and branches sometimes get caught in the lid, [...]