Storing Your Rubbish Bin

//Storing Your Rubbish Bin

Storing Your Rubbish Bin

Storing Your Rubbish Bin


Here’s July’s Bin Cleaning Tip – Storing Your Rubbish Bin


Store your rubbish bin in an area that is:



    • clear from trees and shrubbery. Trees overhanging or closely surrounding your rubbish bin make it difficult to move the bin. Limbs and branches sometimes get caught in the lid, stopping it from closing correctly, and within days a horde of maggots appear due to flies that snuck in through the gap. You also want to avoid the situation where a tree limb is caught in the lid when closed. Later when someone opens the bin, the limb can bounce back to where it should be and ‘whip’ the person. A scratch or two from something like this might seem minor, but a flick across the face or eye is not something that anyone wants.


    • away from clutter. Clutter can get caught in the wheels of wheelie bins, trip you or your staff up as you move your bin, and make it difficult for your bin cleaning professional to put your bin away.


    • clean. What’s the point in having your bin cleaned professionally yet storing it in an area that is filled with other rubbish that will attract vermin?


    • well ventilated. Before your bin cleaning professional services your bin, it might be a tad ‘ripe’. Keeping your bin in a well ventilated area will help to dispell any build up nasty smells.


    • away from direct sunlight or heat. If your bin is filled with rubbish, sunlight and heat can create some major problems. Sunlight can ‘bake’ muck that has spilled onto your bin, and heat creates the perfect environment for bacteria and other nasties to grow and reproduce. Store your bin in the shade and away from machinery or vents that blow off hot air.



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