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Need High Pressure Cleaning?

Let us improve the look and safety of your premises.

High Pressure CleaningJMac Property Services is your High Pressure Cleaning specialist – and can even clean those hard to get at areas on your premises. While we’re not contortionists who can fold themselves up into small balls, we do specialise in cleaning small areas that can be frustrating for you or your staff to clean.

Did you know that High Pressure Cleaning can even fulfil your Workplace Health and Safety requirements?

  • Do you have foot traffic areas where mildew has grown, making them slippery and dangerous?
  • Is the loading dock at the back of your shop slippery from spills and proving to be a potential hazard for your staff?
  • Has dust accumulated in the emergency evacuation stairwell of your building, creating ideal conditions for mildew growth?
  • Is mould – a serious health risk – making the walls of your working area its new home?

You may consider High Pressure Cleaning to improve the aesthetics of your home or work environment…

  • Is your driveway looking worse for wear and uninviting to potential customers?
  • Has your warehouse door developed a new sheen or colour combination due to the accumulation of dirt?
  • Has the local wildlife visited to your staff break-out area just before your big staff party?

JMac Property Services pressure clean walk ways, garden paths, driveways, loading docks, verandas, walls, stairwells, and even bathroom facilities. Simply tell us what you need cleaned and we’ll do our best to take care of it. The JMac Property Services Trucks carry their own hot water for the job and have the ability to take waste water away. The services is available 24/7 days a year – except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Easter… after all, we need to have a day off now and then!

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JMac Property Services provides High Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane and South East Qld. Call 1300 135 865 today.