Power of Dealing with an Owner Operated Business

//Power of Dealing with an Owner Operated Business

Power of Dealing with an Owner Operated Business

There are thousands of businesses born every year. Some of them are a split from another organisation, some are set up simply to provide a job for someone, others are franchised or licensed businesses, while others are owner operated businesses that come from humble beginnings.

Did you know that JMac Property Services is one of the few owner operated bin cleaning and property maintenance businesses out there? Indeed, JMac is a family run business… and our employees – well, they’re like family too. Though some are still a little shy when it comes to group hug time at Christmas!

We’ve chosen to remain owner operated and not franchise for a number of reasons… and we’d like to share them with you…

We love what we do!

We’re invested in our business. We enjoy getting up, getting out there and delivering a great service to you. We take pride in our work… and at the end of the day the thrill of watching the JMac business grow, chatting with happy clients, and seeing the smiles on the faces of our team members… well, that is magic.

The focus is where it needs to be

Business Owners whose focus on their business, supplying great service (and/or product), and looking after their team members are on the right track to success. So ‘focus’ is the key. If a business is distracted by squabbles between other stake-holders, franchisees are competing against each other, or there is frustrating red tape involved with a licensee system, then the focus isn’t on delivering a top-notch product or service to the client.

JMac Property Services are free from those distractions and continuously improving our service for you.

You aren’t part of a production line

Owners who are hands-on with their business go that extra mile to really get to know their customer’s needs. This helps to provide the best solution to a client’s problem or query. Sadly with some systems, where clients are “handed down the line” to other franchises, they can feel like they are part of a production line. Impersonal treatment helps no one. The JMac Team are all about building good relationships, and that is why we are fussy about who joins our business, so…

We handpick our team members

Owner operated businesses can be a tad more strict on who they choose to have work for them. They are often personally handpicked by the person who started the business – and therefore a lot of emphasis is placed on whether or not the potential team member will be a good representative of that business!

We take really good care of all of the JMac Team, and in return, they are dedicated to doing a great job, stay longer, and contribute to growing the business.

Better business control and flexibility

Owning a business, as opposed to a franchised or licensed business, give owners more control on how they want to run things. They have more flexibility in the flow of day-to-day business, can adjust procedures accordingly depending on the current demands of customers. The other upside is being able to make changes quickly or make allowances without waiting for the okay from ‘upstairs’.

We’ve been around a while

Now, we’re not saying we’re old… well, not all of us are anyway! 🙂

Owner business operators often undertake years of training or developing processes before they are able to master each component of the work. Some people buy into an industry through a franchise or license, with little or no experience in the work involved. We’ve been in the bin cleaning and property maintenance industry for a while now, and have built JMac Property Services up to what it is today. Hard work, patience, discipline and the right focus got us there – and this is where we intend to stay.

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