Meet the Team at Toxfree

//Meet the Team at Toxfree

Meet the Team at Toxfree

Toxfree was established and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) back in 2000. They are known to be one of Australia’s leading environmental, waste management, healthcare and industrial services providers. Their core values, “Safe, Reliable, and Sustainable”, strengthen their commitment to offer the best options for eco-friendly waste management and disposals.

JMac Cleaning Toxfree BinsDuring their early days, Toxfree only employed 20 people and operated from two locations in Kwinana and Port Hedland. Today, their team has grown to over 1650 employees and they now provide services from over 80 locations across Australia!

Safe, Reliable, and Sustainable

Toxfree is committed to sustainability. They are dedicated to protecting the environment and they work with their clients and local communities to come up with the most environmentally friendly ways to manage waste. Over the years, they have developed a number of initiatives to raise environmental awareness and develop strategies for more eco-friendly waste management.

As JMac is super conscious of providing effective cleaning processes that are safe and sustainable, we find our values are very closely aligned to those of Toxfree. JMac cleans the Toxfree bins at the QE2 Hospital on a regular basis, ensuring they are hygienically clean using environmentally friendly practices.

Toxfree also take part in a number of environmental awareness initiatives across Australia, including the introduction of recycling education programs in local schools, community ‘clean up’ days, Indigenous community support programs, fun runs (which I’ve been encouraging the JMac Team to train for!), charity car rallies, and sponsorships of local sporting and charity clubs.

In 2014, Toxfree launched the very first recycling program in the Pilbara region! Waste collection was initially supplied to Toxfree employees within the area, but was then expanded to include a wider community. Weekly and fortnightly waste collection services are available in Dampier, Karratha, Roebourne, Point Sampson and Wickham. The waste is sent to the Toxfree Pilbara Resource Recovery Centre to be sorted and shipped to recycling centres.

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