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Cockroaches in Your Bin

As the warmer months head their way and visions of sunny beaches and the comfort of air conditioners come to mind… consider also the rise of the warm-loving creepy crawly – the cockroach.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of having cockroaches living in your home (and let’s face it: the majority of people residing in Qld have) then you would have noticed that during the colder months you may only encounter the odd one or two. But over summer – your abode can feel like a Cockroach sanctuary!!!

Cockroaches love warm climates. And Cockroaches love bins… I guess that’s why we get paid the danger money here at JMac Property Services! We’ve heard the odd squeak (and even a terrified shriek) from some of our bin cleaning specialists when they’ve encountered one of these creepy crawlies… some have even been described as stunt doubles to the main character in the Godzilla movies – humongous monsters!

We’ve also heard some tall tales from one bin cleaner about a cockroach that launched itself from the edge of the wheelie bin, lunging for his throat! He staggered around grasping at the Ninja Cockroach as it attempted to take his life and defend its bin home. Fortunately, he managed to beat it off only seconds before seeing his life flash before his eyes. (While we take our bin cleaning duties very seriously – you can tell we do have some fun in the staff tea room!)

Why do we take our lives into our hands on a daily basis delving into known cockroach territory, you may wonder? Well, the answer is: for you! We work to rid your bins of the grime and smells that entice cockroaches to reside in them.

When you think about it, a Cockroach is really just a beetle. But there is something about the Cockroach that just seems to install terror in the average person. I sometimes wonder if it is the hairy legs… but if hairy legs was a reason for wanting to splatter a creature with a thong – then the majority of non-cycling males around Australia would have some serious hang-ups about footwear!

Another possibility is hearing somewhere that the Cockroach is the only creature that could survive a nuclear holocaust. (Don’t quote me in a scientific journal on that one – but I remember a person who I deemed to have vastly superior knowledge on most things, spout that particular statement at a party).

Having said all that, the main reason Cockroaches should be kept at a ‘healthy’ distance, ie. out of your bin and away from your home, is because some of them can prove to be a health hazard. Some species of Cockroach (not all – so don’t discriminate on a mass basis) can carry disease organisms like Salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and even typhoid fever! They can also carry eggs of worm parasites. Okay, you’re now allowed to screw up your face and utter, “Ewwwww”.

Some other facts about Cockroaches…

They reproduce like mad! You know the old saying “Breed like rabbits”? Well, “Breed like cockroaches” is much, much worse! After mating, a female Cockroach (or as I’ve newly coined the term: Cockroach-ess) can produce between 12 and 40 eggs which are stored in an egg casing. A Cockroach can live for over 12 months and produce near on 100 eggs per month (during adult life cycle)… yikes!!! Get your calculator out… although your fingers might find difficulty in finding correct number key as you tremble at the thought of all of those creepy critters scurrying about!


Obviously we are focusing on Cockroaches in your bin – so here are some strategies for detering them:

1. Have JMac regularly clean your bins – this helps to remove any left over food scraps and residue (food source) that Cockroaches loooooove.

2. Store your rubbish in sealed plastic bags before throwing them in your bin. You are no doubt aware that JMac is super vigilant in using environmentally safe products with our bin cleaning. Therefore we would recommend that you use biodegradable garbage bags so you too can do your part for the planet.

3. Pick up garbage that has been dropped around your bin area, and pop it in the bin.

4. Clean up spills (even water) around the bin area too.

If you’d like us to help defend your bin against a Cockroach invasion, please give us a call on 1300 135 865 (and we promise not to shriek if we do encounter a creepy crawly in your bins). We’re the experts in keeping your bins creepy crawly free – so you don’t have to be! Indeed, we even considered calling ourselves the Cockroach Defenders at one point – but settled on JMac Property Services instead. 🙂

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