Checking out The Greek Club

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Built in 1975, The Greek Club opened its doors to cater for the growing Greek community within the suburbs of West End and South Brisbane. It is managed and governed by experts in the hospitality industry. Over 40 years later, they are now considered one of Brisbane’s leading event and function venues and have garnered a [...]

St Joseph’s Catholic School

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St Joseph's Catholic School is located in the suburb of Corinda in the western part of Brisbane. It is a multicultural, prep to year 7 coeducational school that focuses on relationships and partnerships within the school, parish, and wider community. The school has facilities that enrich the cognitive and social skills, physical development, and creativity of [...]

The Village Yeronga

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Created in 1979, The Village Retirement Group was born out of Michael Harrison’s dreams for providing the perfect retirement home for his mother. The Village is a family-owned business, and the company aims to set the benchmark for luxury, lifestyle retirement villages in Brisbane and Queensland. They are creating a community that has the right balance [...]

Mission: Mould Attack

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Members of the JMac Team were called in to investigate and remedy a mould situation that had grown out of control... the operation became known as Mould Attack and the details are below: VICTIM: Name withheld. Protocols allow us to report the victim is a high vehicular and foot traffic area associated with a large apartment [...]

Why We Use Fresh Water for Cleaning Your Bin

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When choosing a bin cleaner, an important consideration is the type of water they use for cleaning you bin. Many bin cleaning companies use recycled or reclaimed water for practical purposes… but did you know reused water can actually pose a health risk to you, your family or work colleagues? This is why we only use [...]

Bin Service to Keep Tenants Happy

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Do you own units, an industrial complex, townhouses, or even a shopping complex? Are you a member of a body corporate? Do you play a role in Strata Management or Property Management? If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s more than likely that one of your main duties (and quite possibly, headaches) is [...]

Safety in Your Workplace

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Accidents happen! You only need to type the word ‘accidents’ in YouTube to spend the next few hours alternating between a chuckle and a cringe as you watch the many videos highlighting the average person’s mishaps. Every possible environment is covered – home, public places, out on the street, and of course (as is relevant to [...]

Safe Method for Storing Rubbish

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The Department of Health developed guidelines for the correct and safest method of storing, collecting and disposing of rubbish. This isn't 'red tape' or another rule you have to follow - it is essential information as rubbish bins can be a genuine threat to your, your family and co-worker's health. And as much as we at [...]

Cockroaches in Your Bin

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As the warmer months head their way and visions of sunny beaches and the comfort of air conditioners come to mind... consider also the rise of the warm-loving creepy crawly - the cockroach. If you've ever had the pleasure of having cockroaches living in your home (and let's face it: the majority of people residing in [...]

The History of the Wheelie Bin

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They say you shouldn't reinvent the wheel, but no one said you couldn’t add them to things to make them better! Take the modern plastic 'Wheelie Bin' for example. It’s a bin. With wheels attached to it. Simple enough, right? Yet this innovative garbage disposal tool has a long and proud history that may surprise you. [...]