Mission: Mould Attack

Members of the JMac Team were called in to investigate and remedy a mould situation that had grown out of control... the operation became known as Mould Attack and the details are below: VICTIM: Name withheld. Protocols allow us to report the victim is a high vehicular and foot traffic area associated with a large apartment [...]

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The Iconic Brisbane Powerhouse

Located in the suburb of New Farm, Queensland, the Brisbane Powerhouse is an art hub and cultural centre that was once a massive power station back in the 1920s. The Powerhouse is one of the busiest art venues in the Asia-Pacific region, with over 1,250 performances and events every year. The array of performing arts and [...]

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Meet the Team at Toxfree

Toxfree was established and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) back in 2000. They are known to be one of Australia’s leading environmental, waste management, healthcare and industrial services providers. Their core values, "Safe, Reliable, and Sustainable", strengthen their commitment to offer the best options for eco-friendly waste management and disposals. During their early days, [...]

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Maliciously Maniacal Moulds

Moulds are members of the fungi kingdom... but they aren’t like those yummy little champignons that tempt your taste buds at your favourite restaurant... nor are they the pretty fungi growing off a fallen rainforest tree that is a nature photographer's dream... Is Mould threatening your health? Or the health of your clients or loved [...]

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Apartment Presentation

Renting out or selling apartments within your apartment complex takes more than just running a lucrative advertising campaign. The real estate market is tough and if you want to sell fast or secure a lease quickly, you need to stand out. While the RE industry shouts "Location! Location! Location!" there are many other aspects that a [...]

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Getting Ready for Storm Season

Clogged downpipes and gutters can cause major problems during storm season. A blocked drainage system stops the water from flowing freely into the ground, leading to a build-up of water resulting in roof damage, leaks in ceilings, and damage to structure and interiors of the home. Add to that, structural damage can loosen and dislodge internal [...]

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Power of Dealing with an Owner Operated Business

There are thousands of businesses born every year. Some of them are a split from another organisation, some are set up simply to provide a job for someone, others are franchised or licensed businesses, while others are owner operated businesses that come from humble beginnings. Did you know that JMac Property Services is one of the [...]

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Why We Use Fresh Water for Cleaning Your Bin

When choosing a bin cleaner, an important consideration is the type of water they use for cleaning you bin. Many bin cleaning companies use recycled or reclaimed water for practical purposes… but did you know reused water can actually pose a health risk to you, your family or work colleagues? This is why we only use [...]

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Bin Service to Keep Tenants Happy

Do you own units, an industrial complex, townhouses, or even a shopping complex? Are you a member of a body corporate? Do you play a role in Strata Management or Property Management? If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s more than likely that one of your main duties (and quite possibly, headaches) is [...]

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Safety in Your Workplace

Accidents happen! You only need to type the word ‘accidents’ in YouTube to spend the next few hours alternating between a chuckle and a cringe as you watch the many videos highlighting the average person’s mishaps. Every possible environment is covered – home, public places, out on the street, and of course (as is relevant to [...]

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