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Bin Service to Keep Tenants Happy

Do you own units, an industrial complex, townhouses, or even a shopping complex?
Are you a member of a body corporate?
Do you play a role in Strata Management or Property Management?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s more than likely that one of your main duties (and quite possibly, headaches) is keeping residents and tenants happy.

Disharmony in ‘close quarters’ seems to be a part of nature… birds squabble over the perfect nesting quarter, a dog growls when an unwanted being enters their territory, and residents of a complex complain about a neighbours stinky or unemptied bin!

And you may (or may not!) be surprised at the number of overflowing and nasal obliterating bins out there, lurking in high rise apartment basements and shopping complex carparks… and the number of tenants that find them not only a hygiene issue, but a poor rental experience as well.

Visit any forum where tenants can contribute their rental tales of terror, and bins almost always feature.

Now, it’s not the bins fault – poor maligned pieces of plastic and metal that they are! The challenge lies with some tenant not bothering to put their bin out on the rubbish bin collection day. Eventually the bin overflows creating a safety hazard and health hazard. Food scraps begin to degrade in the bin and soon a noxious smell invades the bin storage area. On top of that, the overflowing trash attracts whisker twitching 4 legged residents who won’t pay rent, and the unit, apartment building or shopping complex looks untidy and poorly maintained. Does this help keep your residents and tenants happy? Hmmmm… let me think…

Now, let’s skip to another bug-bear… the tenant who simply doesn’t bother to bring their bin back in after its been emptied. It sits at the front of the complex or in the carpark for days. Other tenants glare at the stinky bin… then go inside to get on a forum and complain about it!

And here’s the final act that can raise hostilities to the point of crazy deeds. Because a tenant didn’t bring their bin in from the curb they don’t have access to it right when they are looking to dump that stinky bag of prawn heads from the party last night. So what do they do? They dump the bag of aromatic crustacean bits into another tenant’s bin. Ouch! You can imagine the dramas that this can lead to.

Yikes! It can be a challenge keeping your tenants happy when bins are involved!

And for this reason the geniuses at JMac put on their thinking caps and came up with the… drum-roll…

Full Bin Service

Here’s how it works:

A JMac Property Services Bin Cleaner – correctly attired (so no one thinks their unit’s bin is being stolen!) comes to your unit complex, set of townhouses or shopping complex, etc. and puts the bins out ready for rubbish removal. Once the bins have been emptied, JMac turns up again – performs the miraculous act of cleaning the bins so even a CSI team couldn’t find leftover traces, and then… wait for it… we store the bins in their rightful place again for you!

That’s right!

No more headaches or gritting of teeth because a tenant, an over-worked property manager, the onsite handy-person… or even the bin fairy… forgot to put the bins out or bring them back in! We do it all for you! And clean all of the nasty stinky bits away as well.

As we like to say: We do the dirty work so you don’t have to!

If you’d like to know more about the JMac Full Bin Service just let us know by calling 1300 135 865. It was developed for units, industrial estates, apartment blocks, town house complexes, and shopping centres.

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