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Bin Cleaning with Hot Water


Hot water is here!

When your bin is being cleaned, we all understand the importance of hygiene. And what better ingredient to ensure a thorough clean than hot water?

Bins, in particular, can be a haven for germs and in some cases, parasites – causing very serious diseases. These diseases include salmonella, staphyloccal food poisoning, hepatitis A, gastroenteritis, trachoma, other eye infections and skin infections.

Unfortunately, some people are under the mistaken belief that simply having their bin emptied and giving it a quick hose out will take care of any nasties that might call your bin “home”. The truth is, if conditions are favourable, the germs or parasites will continue to grow, reproduce and contaminate whatever they come in contact with – you, your family, or your work colleagues.

JMac’s new specialized equipment allows us to bring hot water to your premises to sterilise your bin. You don’t supply the hot water – we do! And better still, we take the water and any debris that comes off your bin or even work equipment away with us.

This is a major plus if you’re not keen on chemicals – the steaming hot water will still sanitise your bin or effectively.

In short:

  1. rubbish must be stored properly in your bin,
  2. the bins should be emptied often,
  3. the bin cleaned effectively using hot water, and
  4. the used water and debris disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

You take care of number one, allow council or your bin company to service number two, and JMac will take care of numbers three and four.

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