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BallyCara Retirement Village

BallyCara Retirement Village is a retirement residential community located by the waters of Moreton Bay at Scarborough on the beautiful Redcliffe Peninsula. This geographic location offers a serene and peaceful setting for the residents to enjoy.

Founded in 1983, BallyCara is owned and operated by the Queensland Hibernian Friendly Society (QHFS), a charitable organisation that has been serving the community of Queensland for more than 115 years. The village is recognised as an innovative leader of aged care services, delivering significant health and social benefits to its residents by providing in-home support, community engagements and wellness programs, individualised care, as well as a contemporary community and accommodation infrastructure.

Their goal is to enable people to live life to the fullest regardless of age.

Residential Care

BallyCara’s award winning Hibernian Villa and Sunnyside Villa buildings offer a safe and friendly environment with a unique living community for its residents. As an awardee of the Better Practice Award from the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, BallyCara ensures that their residents receive the highest standard of care and services through innovative quality-management programs.

The friendly staff at BallyCara strives to give their best services that values each resident’s right to privacy, dignity, and respect… something every resident and their family needs for peace of mind.

Home Care

BallyCara also offers home care services to help their clients stay healthy and active in their own home. They service areas throughout South East Queensland and Northern Melbourne. They have extensive Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Programs and Private Services that people can choose from, depending on their needs. Their highly trained staff will take time to listen and respect their client’s preferences on how they wish to go about achieving life improvements and better health, such as a personal fitness journey.

Wellness Program

The BallyCara Wellness Program gives emphasis on the importance of health, wellness, and happiness. The aim is to provide a better understanding of the changing relationship between health and age. The program includes a series of activities that promote optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


JMac’s Role

Being such a large facility, the waste management needs of BallyCara are an important element of contributing to the health and well-being of the village’s environment. JMac brings their a-game with regular bins cleans – leaving them squeaky clean and deoderised.



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