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//Apartment Presentation

Apartment Presentation

Renting out or selling apartments within your apartment complex takes more than just running a lucrative advertising campaign. The real estate market is tough and if you want to sell fast or secure a lease quickly, you need to stand out. While the RE industry shouts “Location! Location! Location!” there are many other aspects that a prospective buyer or rental client looks for when considering an apartment… and we’d like to shout “Cleanliness! Maintenance! Health!”

Patios that have been Pressure Cleaned

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Here are a few ways to prepare your property before listing it on the market:

Clear out the clutter

When presenting your apartment to potential clients, you want them to focus on the space and let them visualize the endless possibilities of how they can make it ‘home’. The operative word here is ‘space’… not clutter from the previous occupant… nor a mound of grass clippings from a not-so-diligent caretaker. Remove anything that can be distracting to the eye.

Clean the common areas

Common areas such as the bathroom and kitchen are crucial when it comes to cleanliness and health of occupants. Nobody wants a dirty kitchen or a bathroom flecked with grime. These areas need to be spotless, starting from the floor all the way up to the ceiling and include any nooks and crannies where mould has formed. And remember the cabinets and drawers… there’s nothing quite as off-putting as a potential renter / buyer opening a drawer and finding a smear of toothpaste… or discarded toothbrush… ewwwww! Sinks must be sparkling clean and the toilet bowl should be well sanitised.

Clean the furniture

If you have a fully furnished apartment, make sure all the pieces of furniture are presentable and hygienic. Beds need to be exceptionally clean and the risk of dust mite obliterated (this is putting it mildly!). The couches, tables, and other furniture need to be well-maintained and any wear and tear fixed or the item replaced. And remember to clean curtains and blinds! They often harbour dust mite, food flecks and grimy hand prints.

Pay attention to the patio and balcony

Remember that the patio and balcony are also part of the apartment you’re selling or presenting, and in some cases are one of the selling points of a property. Scenic views and a place to sit back and relax have time and time again secured that signature on a rental agreement or property title… so never take these areas for granted. Get rid of mould, soil build-up, fallen leaves, wet patches, and other things that are not pleasing to the eye, or underfoot. Pressure clean the floor, walls and guard rail so time on the patio or balcony is a pleasure for your prospective buyers or rentals.

Repaint the walls with neutral colours

Repainting the wall with neutral colours can dramatically change the overall look and feel of your apartment. Colours such as white, tan and beige make the space look cleaner, brighter and give the illusion of a wider space.

Make the driveway and parking space welcoming

You want your driveway to speak for you… “Welcome… we’re so clean… you belong here…” Have your driveway pressure cleaned and it will do wonders for the initial impression that your visitors have of the property. Pressure cleaning the parking bays is also crucial to first impressions. Not only will it make the area neat, it also improves safety – people slipping on mould is the last thing one needs!

Hopefully these hints will help you get your apartment ready for a quick sale or to secure that rental prospect. If you need help with maintaining the premises of your apartment complex simply give us a call on 1300 135 865.

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